All According To Plan…

All According To Plan

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  January 2013 was planned by me to be super productive – in organising for church, in coffee hangouts with fantastic Hope City Frankfurt people, in praying for the year and in family fun moments. Yes, I decided I would be more spiritual, less worried and meticulous in planning and outworking … Continue reading

The Power of Vision

The Power Of Vision

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  “Write down the revelation and make it plain so that a herald may run with it” Habakkuk 2:2 This week I skyped in to a Hope City Church Pastors meeting to catch up on all of the latest news from across the congregations. Not only that but … Continue reading

Look At The Birds

Click here to read this article in Deutsch MISSING OUT A few weeks ago as I read my twitter feed I noticed a tweet from my daughter’s school class that she had left in the UK when we came to Germany. It was a photo of baby chicks in an incubator as the class were … Continue reading

Face The Facts

I don’t think I can start this blog without mentioning how much I LOVED church yesterday!! We had an amazing time, with the 2nd preach from Ps Siobhan Bullock in our #WitnessMyRevival series. I love services like yesterday’s, where there’s a touch of God on everything and you come away feeling re-energised and inspired about … Continue reading

Witness My Revival: Quality and Quantity

Click here to read this article in Deutsch QUALITY AND QUANTITY They say that it’s not about quantity but it’s about quality. The illusive ‘they’ say God’s not into numbers. Try telling that to a Pastor who has low numbers on a Sunday (Yes that was me this week)! Tell that to someone in sales … Continue reading

The Official Launch of Hope City Church in Frankfurt!

Hope City Frankfurt - The Official Launch

We have just finished our Official Launch Week here at Hope City Church in Frankfurt and rather than tell you what happened, this week we have a photo blog to show you what happened over the last seven days!                                                … Continue reading

Hope City Frankfurt Launch Week Vlog

Hope City Church Frankfurt - The Official Launch

In this Hope City Church vlog post, Pastor Siobhan Bullock encourages us at the start of the Official Launch Week of Hope City Church in Frankfurt to be a part of everything God is going to do in this city. Audio: English Subtitles: Deutsch @HopeCityFrank @SiobhanBullock —

I Know My Redeemer Lives

Click here to read this article in Deutsch This week I’ve had lots of challenges! I guess that’ll happen when you move your family to another country! Is it just me or does it seem that some days, life can feel like one step forward and two steps back? Today there were a few tears … Continue reading

Living The Dream

Living The Dream

Click here to read this article in Deutsch I think most people in life have a dream, a place in life they long to be or the type of person they would like to become. It’s often so easy to get caught up in longing for the ‘destination’ or the end result that life becomes … Continue reading

The Secret of Happiness

Someone once asked me what I would really like in life. I was about 14 years old and struggled with depression due to growing up in a broken, chaotic family. I remember answering ‘I just want to be happy’. My answer was greeted with the rhetorical snort of an older person knowing better, ‘What kind … Continue reading