Don’t Forget Faith

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  It seems that we human beings are forever capable of one thing; forgetfulness. Perhaps that’s why reading the Bible is so important; just to remind ourselves of everything that is so easy to forget. The truth is that we are spiritual beings living on earth; no wonder … Continue reading

Take Him At His Word

It’s so easy to over complicate Christianity sometimes and to over complicate our relationship with God. So often, we find ourselves glossing over God’s promises or scriptures that we ‘know’ mentally but somehow they haven’t yet turned into revelation in our spirit where we know without a shadow of a doubt that God is capable … Continue reading

Just At The Right Time

Click here to read this article in Deutsch It seems like writing blog posts is a good opportunity to stop and reflect; and what a lot there has been to reflect on. Hope City Church in Frankfurt is going incredibly and it’s amazing to see God establishing His church in the city with so many … Continue reading

Face The Facts

I don’t think I can start this blog without mentioning how much I LOVED church yesterday!! We had an amazing time, with the 2nd preach from Ps Siobhan Bullock in our #WitnessMyRevival series. I love services like yesterday’s, where there’s a touch of God on everything and you come away feeling re-energised and inspired about … Continue reading

Witness My Revival: Quality and Quantity

Click here to read this article in Deutsch QUALITY AND QUANTITY They say that it’s not about quantity but it’s about quality. The illusive ‘they’ say God’s not into numbers. Try telling that to a Pastor who has low numbers on a Sunday (Yes that was me this week)! Tell that to someone in sales … Continue reading

On The Journey

Almost four months on and it’s never looked better! I can’t believe how fast time goes and just how quickly the biggest geographic change of my life has become a complete normality. Although many moons ago my own ancestors have seen their fair share of travel from India, Tanzania, Mauritius and, of course, the sunny … Continue reading

Introducing Claudia

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  “I used to think I didn’t have much to tell, but I can see God in so much that has happened in my life it’s amazing.” Since we landed in Frankfurt we’ve had the chance to get to know some fantastic people who’ve joined us as we … Continue reading

A New Frankfurt

A New Frankfurt

Click here to read this article in Deutsch — My name is Rebecca and I am part of the team from the UK starting Hope City Church in Frankfurt. I am a nanny here in Frankfurt to two amazing kids, Josh and Emma. The first word I learnt (that I don’t remember from GCSE German) … Continue reading

For The Love Of A City

It’s official… I have fallen in love with the city of Frankfurt! The week before last I got to see the city for the first time and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since!! Sats and I have known for a little while that we are going to move and be part of Hope City … Continue reading

Kingdom Culture

Last week, Emma, Sats, Steve and I flew over to Frankfurt to spy out the land for Hope City Frankfurt. We had an amazing time exploring the city, meeting friends and acquaintances and seeking out the best locations for church! While I was busy soaking up the city, Steve was busy sampling the tea. Steve … Continue reading