Carrying the Torch

I love the Olympic spirit that is buzzing around the place at the moment! As the world’s most talented athletes meet together in one city, there’s also a crowd that has gathered from around the world to support and cheer them on. People are tuned into their TVs to see the latest races, matches and … Continue reading

Face The Facts

I don’t think I can start this blog without mentioning how much I LOVED church yesterday!! We had an amazing time, with the 2nd preach from Ps Siobhan Bullock in our #WitnessMyRevival series. I love services like yesterday’s, where there’s a touch of God on everything and you come away feeling re-energised and inspired about … Continue reading

Our Future Now

Click here to read this article in Deutsch This weekend Sats and I had the privilege of travelling back to Sheffield for This New Republic! It was incredible to join with hundreds of 16-30’s who were there because they want to make a difference in their colleges, universities and cities. There’s a generation rising up … Continue reading

For The Love Of A City

It’s official… I have fallen in love with the city of Frankfurt! The week before last I got to see the city for the first time and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since!! Sats and I have known for a little while that we are going to move and be part of Hope City … Continue reading