Carrying the Torch

I love the Olympic spirit that is buzzing around the place at the moment! As the world’s most talented athletes meet together in one city, there’s also a crowd that has gathered from around the world to support and cheer them on. People are tuned into their TVs to see the latest races, matches and … Continue reading

The Secret of Happiness

Someone once asked me what I would really like in life. I was about 14 years old and struggled with depression due to growing up in a broken, chaotic family. I remember answering ‘I just want to be happy’. My answer was greeted with the rhetorical snort of an older person knowing better, ‘What kind … Continue reading

Destined By God

I’ve never placed foot in Germany before nor even contemplated living there, but this week we head out on trusty RyanAir to spy out the land of Frankfurt and prepare to start Hope City Church in the city! Hello, my name is Sats. I’m twenty-three years old and have lived in England all of my … Continue reading