Don’t Forget Faith

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  It seems that we human beings are forever capable of one thing; forgetfulness. Perhaps that’s why reading the Bible is so important; just to remind ourselves of everything that is so easy to forget. The truth is that we are spiritual beings living on earth; no wonder … Continue reading

Heaven on Earth

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  The will of God; what a fascinating mystery! Is it possible for mere men to know and understand what God has planned and wants to do? Well who wouldn’t want to know what God has purposed for us? You’d have to be crazy to want to miss out on … Continue reading

Closer Than a Brother

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  Two thousand and thirteen! What an exciting year to be alive and who knows what God will accomplish through us this year! God has really been talking to me in the last few weeks about something that is so easy to overlook, in the excitement of all … Continue reading

All According To Plan…

All According To Plan

Click here to read this article in Deutsch  January 2013 was planned by me to be super productive – in organising for church, in coffee hangouts with fantastic Hope City Frankfurt people, in praying for the year and in family fun moments. Yes, I decided I would be more spiritual, less worried and meticulous in planning and outworking … Continue reading

One Year On

One Year On

Click here to read this article in Deutsch Wow 2013 is already rolling out – how is it for you so far? Across Hope City Church we are in the 21 days of faith, setting up the year in faith and confidence in God. Personally I am loving it! It’s an exciting thought, to consider … Continue reading

Witness My Revival Vlog #2

Witness My Revival - Vlog

If you’ve been following us for a while you’ll know that across Hope City Church we ran a series called Witness My Revival, all about revealing to the world what God is doing in each of our lives. Here in Frankfurt we heard some amazing stories of things God has done in the lives of people … Continue reading

Take Him At His Word

It’s so easy to over complicate Christianity sometimes and to over complicate our relationship with God. So often, we find ourselves glossing over God’s promises or scriptures that we ‘know’ mentally but somehow they haven’t yet turned into revelation in our spirit where we know without a shadow of a doubt that God is capable … Continue reading

Carrying the Torch

I love the Olympic spirit that is buzzing around the place at the moment! As the world’s most talented athletes meet together in one city, there’s also a crowd that has gathered from around the world to support and cheer them on. People are tuned into their TVs to see the latest races, matches and … Continue reading

Summerfest Days: Strasbourg

Last Saturday our fabulous 1830s went to Strasbourg for a jam-packed day of hanging out, sight-seeing, boat trips and bike rides. Despite the early start and the rain, they had an amazing time and we thought we’d pop a few photos up to show you what they got up to! And if you’re an 1830 … Continue reading

Hope City Frankfurt: #WitnessMyRevival Vlog

Across the locations of Hope City Church we recently ran a series called #WitnessMyRevival all about sharing what God is doing in each of our lives. We absolutely loved the series and wanted to share with the world what God’s done in the lives of people in Hope City Frankfurt so we asked some people … Continue reading