Take Him At His Word

It’s so easy to over complicate Christianity sometimes and to over complicate our relationship with God. So often, we find ourselves glossing over God’s promises or scriptures that we ‘know’ mentally but somehow they haven’t yet turned into revelation in our spirit where we know without a shadow of a doubt that God is capable and willing to do what He has said he will.


There’s a great story in the Bible about a Roman Centurion whose servant is sick, in pain and needs healing (Matthew 8:5-13). Jesus meets with him and offers to come to his house to heal him. Instead the officer simply asks Jesus to ‘just say the word’ and he knew his servant would be healed.

I love that! In the story, Jesus is amazed by the man’s faith and his servant is healed immediately! When did we stop taking Jesus at the simplicity of His word? When did we let the Bible become a collection of stories and historical accounts instead of being the living and active Word of God!


We need to move from information and into revelation. We know about God, we’ve read about God, we’ve heard preaches and even prayed to God but how well do we really know God? I don’t want to be someone who just knows about God from a distance but instead I want to be someone who is in relationship with God and knows him personally!

This August, I’m taking Jesus at His word! I’m believing that He answers my prayers (James 4:2). I’m believing He works everything for my good (Romans 8:28). I’m believing that we will see our Church, flourishing and established (Matthew 16:18). I’m believing we will see salvation in Frankfurt (1 Timothy 2:4)! I know that God’s word is good and we can rely on it today!


What are you believing for this summer? I’m coming back to a simple childlike faith and trust in Him. Let the Word of God become alive and active in your life through prayer, through meditating on God’s promises and through your devotional life. Why don’t you ask Jesus to help you take Him at His word and to bring you back to simple faith? Let me encourage you today, Jesus’ word is perfect!! You can believe Him and you can put all of your trust in Him!

Believing for your greatest season yet!

Sats Solanki


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  1. Marie says:

    I’d love to subscribe, but can’t find a link. Any clues please?

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