Carrying the Torch

I love the Olympic spirit that is buzzing around the place at the moment! As the world’s most talented athletes meet together in one city, there’s also a crowd that has gathered from around the world to support and cheer them on. People are tuned into their TVs to see the latest races, matches and games and everyone has turned patriotic for this season!


It says in Hebrews 12 that we also have a race to run as Christians and that we’re surrounded by ‘a great cloud of witnesses’ too. There is a crowd around your life. There are people in your world that are watching what you do, what you carry and how you react in situations. What you carry is therefore so important! Do you carry confidence, enthusiasm, positivity and faith? Or, like we all can do, do you sometimes find yourself slipping into doubt, being negative about things or reacting badly in situations? First things first, if you do find yourself going down a negative road, don’t beat yourself up about it! It’s actually natural for us to have emotions like that BUT the amazing thing is that God has also made it possible for us as Christians to live a life of faith. It says in the Bible that we are called to be ‘MORE than conquerors’ and that we are being lead by Christ from victory to victory!

I love what Ps Siobhan preached on Sunday, as she talked about wearing a faith life with enthusiasm. As we catch hold of everything that God is doing/can do in our lives, our lives will be transformed! As we live a life of faith, believing for things even when we don’t see them yet, and running a race knowing that we are destined for victory, the people who are watching our lives will see a difference!


One thing I have noticed about the Olympic Games this year is the focus on inspiring a new generation of athletes. I loved the moment in the opening ceremony when athletes passed on a torch to an up and coming sportsman/woman, to someone they believed is going to be great! In the same way, God has passed a torch to you and He has destined you to be great. You can run your race in confidence, knowing that as you carry that torch you’re also inspiring the lives of other people in your world!

Emma Solanki



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