Our Future Now

Click here to read this article in Deutsch This weekend Sats and I had the privilege of travelling back to Sheffield for This New Republic! It was incredible to join with hundreds of 16-30’s who were there because they want to make a difference in their colleges, universities and cities. There’s a generation rising up … Continue reading

I Know My Redeemer Lives

Click here to read this article in Deutsch This week I’ve had lots of challenges! I guess that’ll happen when you move your family to another country! Is it just me or does it seem that some days, life can feel like one step forward and two steps back? Today there were a few tears … Continue reading

This New Life

It’s Easter Monday, Florence + The Machines is blaring out and I’m feeling immensely good about life. Do you ever have moments when you sit down and think about just how good you have it? It’s not that life is perfect every moment of the day or that every detail goes to plan; sometimes it … Continue reading

Living The Dream

Living The Dream

Click here to read this article in Deutsch I think most people in life have a dream, a place in life they long to be or the type of person they would like to become. It’s often so easy to get caught up in longing for the ‘destination’ or the end result that life becomes … Continue reading